Queens Reigning Wellness Retreat 2

Queens Reigning Wellness Retreat 2

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Evolving Diva Inc’s Self-Care Retreat 2 
As women we wear many hats. Wives, mothers, business owners, and so much more. Often we get overwhelmed by  schedules and deadlines. We all need support and healing on our journey. 

Erica V. Walton of Evolving Diva Inc happens to be a mother of twelve , wife, author, and an event planner. She understands the importance of health and wellness. After battling depression and anxiety she created self workshops for women. Now she’s bringing  the ultimate wellness and self-care retreat. 

We invite you to explore inner peace and learn how it can bring you into balance. 
The retreat is July 
18th thru July 22nd 2019 , in
Trinidad and Tobago. It includes lodging, a 
private chef, guided meditation,Yoga, self-love & sisterhood workshops, custom swimwear evening wine, and customized selfcare packages. 

All meals at the residence are included in price. We’ll also enjoy historic sightseeing, water sports, snorkeling, shopping and more. The cost is $999 per person. A non refundable $250 deposit required to reserve your spot. The cost does not include airfare or passport fees. The deposit is due no later than December 20th
. Please feel free to reach out for any questions. We’re lodging at a 6 bedroom villa. Complete with private chef and ground’s keeper. Hope to see you in Trinidad and Tobago with us!

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Deposit by December 20th