Motherless Daughters Discussion

Motherless Daughters Discussion

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Early in 2020, I planned  an event to take place in May for the motherless. Not for those that necessarily lost a mother to death but those with traumatic/broken relationships with their moms. I am one of those women. My mother is very alive but we aren’t BFF. I love her, she loves me, don’t speak on us to each other, and that’s it. Mother’s Day is usually a drag for me. (Even with me having children) I understand that I am not alone in this.

Covid-19 postponed the event but it’s still very important for the healing process to began. Many of us have broken pieces from parents. It’s rare that the mother daughter dynamics are discussed. We want to change that narrative so our daughters won’t feel the same void. Join me along with four other panelists on October 10th 2021. 2-5pm.

Light refreshments will be served. Self care vendors and an abundance of support available.  Limited seating available! 


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