Mommy & Son Self Care Challenge

Mommy & Son Self Care Challenge

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Your child’s first teacher is his mommy. Something I hear a lot from my supporters is that they “don’t know where to start with self care” or they “need to make time for self care.” You’re the most important project you’ll ever work on. You have to take the time to care for yourself. Your son is watching as well. He'll learn how to treat women based on how you treat yourself.


Self care is NOT all about fancy facials, bubble baths, and treating yourself to cupcakes. Although I love my facials and detox baths. Effective self care is simply the act of taking care of yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally. We’ll have daily challenges, guided meditation, workout tips, writing prompts, DIY crafts, giveaways, and more. Join me for a 21 day self care journey.


I’ve put together a self care challenge that you can follow for three weeks. A challenge is a great way to start yourself on caring for you 365 days of the year. Packed with inspiring new ideas for self care, writing prompts, and start the process of integrating self care into your daily life.


You’ll receive an ebook that includes 21 challenges and 21 writing prompts, as well as weekly check-ins with me. We’ll get our full self care and accountability 21 days. This challenge starts May 1st. So sign up now to prepare in advance. #QueendomBuilding #RaisingKings