July Self-Help Focus: Embracing Change

July Self-Help Focus: Embracing Change

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Since 2019 Erica V Walton has hosted guided self care challenges. These monthly groups are held via Facebook, each one has a unique theme to help every woman on her journey. We’ve touched topics such as financial literacy, sexual health, how to take a break from motherhood, balancing life and career. We meditate together, we pray together, we go outings together and we hold each other accountable. 

 For the 2022 year the goal is to assist women on the healing journey. Many of us want to implement self-care, attract abundance and manifest things that we want in our life. However, some still have residual trauma from childhood as well as young adulthood. In the group my hope is that I help each and every woman release the things they have held them back from the lives that they truly desire. Self-care goes beyond facials, pedicures  and massages. We need to get to the root of way we’re accepting the bare minimum.

 The monthly drop-in covers guided meditation and healing themes. Join us for the beginning stages of healing. You’ll be in a great company with other women on the same journey or similar to yours. 


July box includes 

Lavender Pomegranate Bath Tea

Femininity candle

Divine Feminine oil

Water Base Lubricant

Pocket Vibrator

Black Woman’s Self Care Journal

Embrace Change Affirmation Keepsake

DISCLAIMER: Questions may trigger residual trauma. Please consult a licensed therapist should those trigger a trauma response. The tools and techniques that we recommended solely self taught and may not produced the results you’ll expect. 

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