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When you were young, your peace was protected. (For the most part) You enjoyed being carefree. You wore colorful attire and “Charms Blow Pops” in your hair. You didn’t code switch for bosses and co-workers. You didn’t count calories or suck your stomach in until you damn near fainted. You colored outside of the lines. You rapped all the lyrics to songs that would get your ass snatched up. Have you connected with her lately?

The book is about protecting your peace. I don’t mean shutting down when belittled to avoid conflict. I don’t mean walking around afraid to have adult conversations, so you’re cutting off anyone that doesn’t agree with you. I don’t mean isolating yourself from the world because you’re afraid they won’t understand your mental illness. I don’t mean walking around with hate in your heart for someone pretending shit doesn’t hurt. I don’t mean staying at a job or in unfulfilling relationships because it’s been 25 years since it started.

Are you ready to truly protect your whole being? You can wear a T-shirt or drink from a mug for social media, but how peaceful are you at your core? They’ll be a series of questions, essays to inspire you for journaling and activities throughout the book. Do you really not give a fuck or are you masking?


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