Doula Consultation

Doula Consultation

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Doulas are a lovely addition for mom, baby & partner during the pregnancy, labor and postpartum process. We provide encouragement and advocacy throughout the journey. We are your support, almost your best friend during pregnancy, the glue that holds your birth team together and keeps you focus on the prize.

However not every doula is right for every person. As your potential doula, I really prefer that you to get the support you and your partner need for your birth experience. Consults are to insure we're aligned. You want someone you're comfortable with on your team.


Usually we'll meet at a public location (for both of our safety) there's also an option to meet virtually. I want to get an understanding of your birth wishes and expectations from your doula. I answer any questions you might have about doula support as well as questions regarding me.


Consults are nonrefundable. If you choose to book my services the fee is applied to your overall fee. My rates range from $300 to $1000. They depend upon your request, birth plan and birthing location. All to be discussed during our consult. Once your consult is booked you'll receive an email to select an available date on my calendar. 

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