Bloom & Blossom Book Launch

Bloom & Blossom Book Launch

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 It’s my memoir release!!! I wrote a memoir in 2014 but it was full of hurt and anger. This time, I’m coming from a space of forgiveness and love. All my life I wondered why I was so different. Why did God want me to suffer and hurt?  Why wasn’t I given a mommy and daddy who wanted to stay close and cover me? Why wasn’t I held and shielded?  God’s intention wasn’t to inflict pain. I like to believe I must be a peony in a rose garden. Roses require deep watering, 6 hours of sunlight and special soil. They bloom beautifully that way. A peony needs little covering, they love their own cozy space, and require a quick dunk of water. They’re stubborn about how they’re planted, love to be pruned and want very little fertilizer. That’s me. 

 Join me for the book launch 9.10.22 from 1-4pm in Chicagoland. The event space will be revealed to event ticket holders solely. They’ll be Bellinis, brunch, a group chat on the book, manifestation exercises and a sister circle. I’m so honored to hold space for all women who may have been planted in gardens that didn’t understand their needs. 

Tickets are $75 for event and book.

$250 for the event and box. 

Box includes: The book, “The Peony in the Rose Garden”

Peony and Magnolia candle
Resilient bracelet
Goddess Oil
Peony Self Care Bath
Resilient Deck
Resilient blanket


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