Birth Your Book

Birth Your Book

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Join the creator of RoyalTee Collection and Evolving Diva Inc, Erica V. Walton for “Birth Your Book”. July 6-8th, 2022 . She has written and published thirteen  books. Those include her memoirs, four children’s books, three self-help journals, business branding book, a girl’s journal, and coloring book. She’s also assisted women privately.

Dduring the workshop she’ll get an understanding on the work required to release your book. Go over the outline for writing and publishing your book. Teach you to plan the scope of the book. Such as deadlines and cover.

Show you how bids from places and service providers (for example editors, graphic artists, printing companies etc)
Connect you to book formatting companies and websites.
Go over ISBN set up and price points.

Connect you with self publishing companies.

Course is hosted via Facebook group.

Are you ready to birth your book?

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