As you may or may not know I am ever evolving. My mission in business has and will always be assisting women who are embarking paths I once walked. From my nonprofit work with tweens and teens to the water bearer’s self healing garden, the goal is to be who I once needed for others. On my path I’ve given birth to beautiful babies thirteen times. Several of those births I was alone and other times even with my phenomenal husband by my side they were quite traumatic. 

 I’ve read countless stories about black women experiencing avoidable birth complications. I would say “we really need advocacy and alternatives for us.” I’d cry from the triggers and move on with my day. In 2021, I could no longer just cry and move forward. Two events conspired that lead me to a four month hiatus. One was the loss of my self care journal’s illustrator Sasha Martoni. She and her baby died during childbirth. The other was the birth of my first niece Eden Naomi Vincent. I had the honor and pleasure of being there when she arrived and hours after labor. 

Standing in to support my sister in law felt like a reparation. To be able to listen to her concerns, encourage her and my brother was another honor. Holding her hand as she shed tears fearful about the outcome of test results and share resources for postpartum anxiety, reminded me once again, that nothing I experience is solely for me. Once again I was blessed with the opportunity to be who I once needed.

The Diva Doula Collection is a series and products and services to provide expectant mothers with encouragement and support on their journey.