In Search of Our Roots: Ghana Retreat Deposit

In Search of Our Roots: Ghana Retreat Deposit

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All my life my grandmother shared stories with me about where our family started from. I was extremely intrigued to find her mother, my great grandmother was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. After visiting NOLA twice I was inspired to go further back. My great great grandmother on my maternal side is from Ghana. Some of our other history traces back to Haiti. Unfortunately, Haiti was recently been hit by a major earthquake, putting my decision to go and visit. Searching to find where the original lessons of the Orishas came from and finding out where my great great grandmother was from, I was lead to west Africa. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to have an all-inclusive trip to the mother-land.

 During the first week of July 2022, myself and eight other women along with my spiritual mother will visit Ghana. Lodging, a private chef and ground transportation is covered in your fees. Along with wonderful excursions such as a Cape Coast tour, a private Accra safari & boat tour, visit the Wli Waterfall, we’ll have a traditional Ghana naming ceremony as well as a visit the transatlantic slave trade museum. Every morning we’ll have a spiritual guided meditation as well as release workshops before going out to explore the lands of Ghana. Our chef and drivers are five star certified specialists. 

There is a $333 nonrefundable deposit and Monthly six month payment plan of $375. Your trip is required to be paid in full 90 days prior to departure. Your monthly payments will be due no later than the 6th of each month. Should you miss the payment date you will be required to pay two payments before moving forward. (Your current and next months payment.) Traveling to Ghana requires you to have the yellow fever vaccine. Swag bag includes African waist beads, head wraps and evolving diva inc Black Girl Magic merch.

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