The Love Letter Affirmation Journal

The Love Letter Affirmation Journal

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This is a restock in honor of the cover artist Sasha Martoni. She passed away from the very thing that inspired my journals, Child Birth. Black mothers shouldn’t die birthing babies. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Sasha’s family. 🕊

 After a traumatic birthing experience in April of 2018, Erica V. Walton developed postpartum depression and PTSD. The mother of eleven children had never experienced depression after a birth. She struggled daily mentally and physically trying to find her balance.

 Erica is known for being resilient and polished. For the first time in life she thought she met her match. After her doctors recommended medication she was determined to fight. She's always been anti-medication, so she searched for other options daily.

 Erica spent weeks meditating daily, writing letters to herself, and standing in her mirror repeating positive affirmations. When that didn't help she read and when reading didn't work she created. She journaled the entire experience for eight weeks.

 The ”Love Letter Affirmation Journal” features many of her personal letters to herself, wellness goal sheets, and affirmations. It's a 30-day 100-page self-help journal created to help other women experiencing the same truggles as her. 



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