Motherless In May Retreat Deposit

Motherless In May Retreat Deposit

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Motherless in May is  retreat for daughters who never had the motherly love they desire. Doesn’t matter if your mother alive and well or now an ancestor. Many women wish they understood why they weren’t worthy enough for to receive love and support from their moms. It has been placed in my path to hold space for them. I myself have struggled with this for 20 plus years. During the retreat you’ll be able to freely express your hurts in a safe place of sisters. 

Registration for the South Carolina Motherless Daughters Retreat is available!!! 

Our retreats, getaways and  manifestation weekends are designed to give women a chance to release and reset. We provide release workshops, guided mediation, herbal bath set ups, yoni steams and facial care. Your fees cover lodging, meals at the rental home, drinks, swimwear, self care products and dat trip transportation to Myrtle Beach. Each retreat is intimate and fulfilling, hosted at a private villa with amazing views. This retreat is for the women with broken pieces from the loss and lack of motherly love. 

Airfare and ground transportation are not included! (With the exception of Myrtle Beach.) You are responsible your for, IDs, passports and travel requirements. 
DEPOSIT IS NONREFUNDABLE. Monthly payment plans are accepted.  The deposit is $99 per person. 


Friday Check in: 4pm

6pm: Ice Breakers and Dinner

7pm: Workshops

9pm: Pampering Sessions


8am: Meditation 

8:30: Breakfast 

9:00 Workshops 

11:00 departure for the beach

3pm Lunch

6pm beach meditation 

9pm Pampering Sessions 


8am Meditation 

9am Yoga

Noon Outing of group choice

2pm lunch

6pm Final Dinner in yellow, magenta or black 

8pm Lantern Release 

Monday Check out by 10am 

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