Ebb & Flow Divine Feminie Session

Ebb & Flow Divine Feminie Session

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Join wellness author and coach Erica V Walton and her daughter Honey the Creator for a sensual dance and divine feminine workshop.

Saturday, February 19th. 11am to 1pm at Chicagoland 3108 S Irving Park 

Cost includes unlimited mimosas, light bites, dance workshop and divine feminine meditation.

The Divine Feminine is the feminine aspect of the divine power that connects and binds the Earth together. In other words, it is the goddess energy that exists within all of us. Many ancient cultures have a Divine Feminine concept. The Egyptians had Isis, the Greeks had Aphrodite, and the Hindus have Shakti. For many in Yoruba and Hoodoo cultures the divine feminine may represent Oshun.

Qualities of the divine feminine.

  1. Intuitive.
  2. Heart-centered.
  3. Compassionate.
  4. Wise.
  5. Accepting.
  6. Forgiving.
  7. Collaborative.
  8. Reflective.

Bee is 21 years old from Chicago IL. Honey Bee is natural born dancer she started dancing at the age of 3. She’s been teaching classes since she was 15. She’s a patient and attentive teacher. She teaches at all levels. She uses dance to express how she feels. Honey Bee says dance is her first love and she can’t wait to share it with her next class.

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