Shopping is still in my blood!

   It's been a long time since I've blogged about clothes. Polyvore, my favorite style app, was bought by another company.  I miss it so much and never realized it. I've been extremely busy with my children, event planning, and nonprofit, that clothes have been on the back burner. This past weekend I decided to stay in the city with friends.

    We had plans for a rooftop lunch, the pride parade, and poolside relaxation. Downtown Chicago is the perfect place for that. We were ready for all the festivities UNTIL my good friend forgot her bag. That called for a shopping trip to the Water Tower.

    She said her budget was about a $100. Olivia Pope style I go ”it’s handled”. One hour and two stores later she was ready! Nude chunky high heels with laces, a mustard color flowy dress that's not too short, nude belt and jewelry to complete the look. She was giving me black Marsha Brady 2018. I was picking pieces like I use to do in my department store personal shopping days.

     I felt free and on top of the world in the midst of velvet, chiffon, and lace. The colors of the season are alive and I love it! You would've thought I was on Rodeo Drive with Beyonce’s bank account the way I was grabbing pieces. Needless to say, my personal shopping days aren't over. I've found an app that allows me to keep the creativity flowing. So although Polyvore has left me, my love for creating looks is still strong. I'm going back to accepting shopping clients.


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