A Diva Evolving Book

Erica V Walton has sat on her story for many years afraid she'd disappoint people she's met on her journey through life. In her book, she proves it's possible to overcome many defeats and setbacks. At thirty-four years old Erica owns and operates her own company. She's a personal shopper and event planner. She launched a successful apparel line, written two children's books, founded a nonprofit organization, and uplifts every woman she comes in contact with. One would never know that she's a survivor of molestation, abandonment, domestic violence, and an addiction to shopping. People who have recently joined her journey know's she's a phenomenal wife, mother of ten and a bonus mom to one. Most are unaware that her union almost didn't happen and that she's faced many issues as a parent. Erica has released her testimony to inspire someone who may be in the shoes she once wore. Determined to live her life unabashed and free. She shares intimate details of her upbringing on Chicago's south side and what's possible if you keep on pressing no matter what. Erica is a diva determined to evolve taking a new path to her throne.